In the largest city in West Africa, there is a lot of growth and expansion springing up daily. Aside from the city being a developed one, there are other factors that make her more interesting and a great prospect for your next real estate investment. Here are 10 reasons you should be considering investing in homes in Ibadan:

  1. Ibadan is the third most populated city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. This means that whatever investment you intend to make right now, you will surely get an ROI (Return on Investment) because there is an available market. Right now, the population of this wonderful ancient city is about 3 Million. If that doesn’t excite you as a business owner, I don’t know what else will.
  2. Ibadan is the biggest city in the whole of West Africa. Lagos is gradually getting overpopulated. A lot of foreign investors are moving into Ibadan because of the availability of space and land. In a few years time, we will have new companies fill up these lands and the prices for land might just be 100% higher than the current price that Sunway is asking you to invest in for the future.
  3. New businesses and companies are springing up in Ibadan daily- New hubs, SMEs and companies are being launched. We now have tech hubs, shopping malls, parks and other businesses are opened every year. If you ask me, Ibadan is the new Lagos economic centre.
  4. Ibadan is relatively affordable economically compared to states like Lagos, Ogun and others. You can get a taxi for as low as N30 in Ibadan or go for  Taxify/Bolt for easy and fast transportation. Yes, Ibadan has a reliable and fast road transport facility. You can connect to anywhere from the major places in Ibadan such as Challenge, Iwo Road, Ring road, Oluyole, And New Garage.
  5. Lands in Ibadan are 75% cheaper than lands in Lagos- You can get a HOUSE for N6M in Ibadan and a LAND for N15M in Lagos. Do you still need more reason to invest right now?
  6.  Some lands in Ibadan are currently being sold for a whopping sum of N15M in places like Elebu, Akobo and Oluyole but Sunway is offering a whole house for N6M. Tell me, something more interesting than this kind of “luck”?

7. Ibadan has the highest number of Universities, after Ogun state. This means that settlers are trooping into Ibadan to seek education and this market is relatively untapped yet. A clue for business yet?

8. Ibadan is peaceful! – The serenity alone is comforting for you to explore more of your creativity. Ibadan a city surrounded by hills, and greens. A trip to Agodi gardens alone can make you write a poem. The green nature and comforting serenity will inspire you to do more. And, you won’t ever want to return to the justling and unrestful life of Lagos city again.

9. Easy commuting – Leaving home early and still getting stuck in endless traffic congestion is not a story Ibadan shares. With a car, you can drive to work 15 minutes (depending on proximity) to your destination without having to worry about the hassles on the road

10. Easy lifestyle and convenient growth – In Ibadan, you can save more money and spend a considerable amount on transportation, feeding, access to social amenities. It is easy to adhere to the budget you allocate to yourself per month without excess spending.

11 .Taking your first real estate investment decision in Ibadan homes can start with us. We are open to help you through this new market. Ready to take our word for it?

Taking your first real estate investment decision in Ibadan homes can start with us. We are open to help you through this new market. Ready to take our word for it? Download our factsheet to see details on our estate offers

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