What You’ll Find Inside Our Properties

For us, having a house is just one thing, but having amenities that make a building more than just that, is what gives the feel of a home. This comfortability and peace of mind is what our houses give when you buy a house from Sunway Estate.

As a housing brand that is committed to your convenience, we thought to remind you of the available facilities that come with buying a house from us.


  •         Estate Pharmacy
  •         Salon within the Estate
  •         Estate Supermarket
  •         Estate shuttle
  •         Gardening
  •         Adequate drainage facilities
  •         Estate Event Centre
  •         Creche
  •         Adequately lit Streets
  •         Cleaning of Public Areas,
  •         Proper Waste Management
  •         Estate park/playground
  •         Shops
  •         Parking Space
  •         Smooth Road Network Within the Estate
  •         Dedicated Power Line for Electricity supply
  •         24 Hours Water Supply
  •         Security of life and property


It is our belief, that once a man is comfortable in his own space, he is able to experience growth in every other area of his life. Getting a house at Sunway Estate gives you the peace of mind you need to concentrate at work and be the best you can be. It is also needed for your children’s intellectual growth. It affords them the opportunity to be as smart as they can grow to be.

So, you see, it is more than just a house if it is in Sunway Estate!


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