This is a single unit of a 2 bedroom terraced flat. It has a private backyard and car park It sits also on 171(sq2) Square metre of land. The unit goes for 6.250 million. All facilities in the estate are inclusive on this offer

Here are the available payment plans:

1st Plan – Full payment at once. N/B:  you can move in 60 days after payment
2nd plan – with this plan, you can make an initial deposit of #1.250 million and then spread the rest of the payment into 12 months.
3rd Plan – we have a mortgage plan that requires you to pay a security fee of 600k to secure your place after which you can pay up the rest within 12 years. With the security fee, you will be able to move into the estate.

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1 Bedroom Expandable2 Bedroom Terraced2 Bedroom Expandable3 Bedroom Semi-Detached

The Payment Option That Suits You- Please Tick As Appropriate
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