How To Fill The Interest Form When Buying A House From Sunway Estate

With Sunway Estate, your journey to becoming a landlord has been made easy. Apart from our affordably cheap houses, our payment plans are specially made for your pocket, ensuring that you have an overall convenience in your journey to becoming a house owner.

From our website, you can easily let us know which of our houses you are interested in and how you can conveniently pay by filling our interest form. In super-simple steps, here is how to fill the interest form when buying a house from Sunway Estate


    1.     From our home page on, locate our available offers and features.
    2.     Click on the green Get Started button below your preferred of the displayed available offers. This opens you to a page with a brief description of the house and an interest form.
    3.     Kindly note that you are to fill in only relevant and valid information.
    4.     Input your full name into the space provided
    5.     Type in your reachable phone number. Phone number 2 is for those who have more than one number where they can be reached
    6.     Next, type in your working email address so you can stay up to date with us
    7.     After this, you are to tick the box for the kind of house you are interested in buying, whether the 1-bedroom Expandable, 2 Bedrooms Terraced, @2 Bedroom Expandable or 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached.
    8.     Please tick the best payment option for you, either Full Payment(cash and carry), Installment payment or Mortgage Plan.
    9.     At Sunway Estate, we are concerned about your convenience, this is why you would be the one to choose how you want us to contact you. Would you prefer to be reached by mail, phone call or Whatsapp chat? If you’d prefer Whatsapp, kindly type in your Whatsapp number in the box provided.
    10. Once you have confirmed that all fields are error-free, kindly click send to submit your form.

We will reach out to you through the means you chose. Your journey towards becoming a house owner begins here. 




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